Is it technically illegal to eat someone?

Say you didn’t kill them, but they had a heart attack or something. So you ate them, because you didn’t want to be wasteful. Like, what if they gave you their permission before they died? Is it desecration? Or just one of those socially ‘frowned-upon’ scenarios?

Is cannibalism illegal or just morally unacceptable?

Seriously guys, I wanna know!

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    I guess the problem lies in the fact that consent is ongoing, as with sex, simply saying once before sex doesn’t...
  2. siliconegirl answered: Its frowned upon… but defnitely delicious
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  4. zakkyvalentine answered: it’s fine with me. id try it.
  5. amazingatheist answered: There’s no specific law against cannibalism, but people who have done it are charged with defiling a corpse. Laws vary by state.
  6. feanerd answered: CONSENT IS THE KEY. Although this goes right back to my ‘if being unconscious implies consent, then is being dead implied consent?’ issue.
  7. deanwinchesterismyboyfriend answered: People who eat human flesh are usually charged with crimes not relating to anthropophagy, such as murder or desecration of a body.
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