I’m crocheting a Hunger Games quilt-like-afghan thing, where each square represent a different District. What colours should I use for each individual District?

I’m labeling them with the District numbers, but I need to know which colour corresponds with each District; ex, Black for District 12 (coal), Blue for District 4 (fishing)… 

By the way, I would prefer not to have any of the Districts have the same colour. 

D01 (Luxury) 

D02 (Masonry) 

D03 (Technology) 

D04 (Fishing)

D05 (Power)

D06 (Transportation)

D07 (Lumber)

D08 (Textiles)

D09 (Grain)

D10 (Livestock)

D11 (Agriculture)

D12 (Mining)

It’s going to be fucking awesome.

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  2. heylookneato answered: maybe this will help: girlwhowasonfire.tumblr…
  3. aftal answered: you forgot 13
  4. nagatumbles answered: 1- gold 5-yellow 7- brown 11-green
  5. xyliana answered: 1-Gold 2-Dark Gray 3-Silver 4-Blue 5-Yellow 6-Black 7-Brown 8-Orange 9-Beige 10-White 11-Green 12-Red [for Fire]
  6. queenallisonargent answered: 9 > yellow, 7 > green, 3 > grey, 5 > purple (?), 10 > brown and I really don’t know about the rest lol
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